Why Go Outside?

Because our bodies were made for it.

Our ancestors were nomads, and we evolved with the earth in mind. Going outside is a way of honoring our history and our genetic makeup. We are meant to be on this planet, so why not take advantage of that?

Being outside helps you cope with stress and anxiety. Spending time in nature can reduce your heart rate and lower blood pressure, which means you'll feel calmer after your trip outdoors. It's been proven that even 20 minutes of exposure to nature can have major effects on your mood!

Finally, going outside can help you stay healthy—especially if you're already sick or injured. Fresh air has been shown time and time again to help people heal faster than staying indoors, whether they're recovering from surgery or just a cold. Plus, it gives your body the opportunity to move around and stretch muscles that might be sore from sitting all day at work or school.